Part 4: Electronic Filing and Service for Criminal Proceedings

47. Application

47. Application

(1) The directions contained in this Part apply to the filing, service, delivery and conveyance of documents in criminal proceedings in the General Division and criminal proceedings in the Court of Appeal.

(2) The attention of parties is drawn to the Criminal Procedure Code (Electronic Filing and Service for Supreme Court) Rules 2022, which have effect in relation to any document which, under the Criminal Procedure Code 2010, is required to be filed with, served on, delivered or otherwise conveyed to the Supreme Court, the Registrar, or any party to any criminal matter that is to be heard in the Supreme Court.

(3) In addition, the following paragraphs of these Practice Directions apply, with the necessary modifications, to documents in criminal proceedings:

(a) 21;

(b) 37;

(c) 38;

(d) 39, save for the provisions relating to fees;

(e) 40;

(f) 41;

(g) 42;

(h) 43, save for the provision relating to fees;

(i) 58(6);

(j) 59(3)(b) and 59(3)(c);

(k) 60(2) to 60(6);

(l) 78;

(m) 86(8).

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